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The Right Ingredients for Botaneco’s Corporate Brand

Botaneco Case Study - Canola Feature Image - Edited


You probably know canola for its oil. Canada’s second most-grown crop, mainly pressed for the ubiquitous oil used in cooking as well as various industrial applications, also contains protein and other valuable co-products. But, these are largely ignored by the industry and destroyed by current processing technology.

“The conventional industry currently focuses on extracting oil from oilseeds like canola," says David Dzisiak, Chief Operating Officer of Alberta-based Botaneco Inc., "but most of the players in the space are using processes that ignore the value of protein in the seed and limit its potential.”

Botaneco developed a novel processing technology that allows for the extraction of valuable co-products, like proteins and oleosomes, from canola and other oilseeds. 


Goal: Align Botaneco's Brand Positioning

Botaneco’s technology promised to create new applications for Canadian canola and other oil crops, and the company envisioned a wide range of potential clients and uses for its products. 

Its oilseed components were healthy, natural, affordable, abundant, unique, plant-based, and created opportunities for Canadian industry… but which of these features mattered to their audiences? How should the company position itself and its products to potential customers and investors, and align its internal teams around consistent messaging and presentation of the company?

Botaneco needed a brand identity and positioning strategy to align its internal teams, make clear its value proposition, and cohesively address the needs of its different audiences.


Botaneco Case Study - Client Industries.jpg


Strategy: Understand the Core Needs of Botaneco's Customers

We worked closely with Botaneco’s executive team to develop a brand map - a one page document that could be used by everyone in the company, including management, sales, marketing, and customer service, to understand and communicate what Botaneco is all about to its stakeholders and customers.

We began with a deep dive into Botaneco's technology, business, and audiences. 

The company had identified three potential client industries - plant-based human food, aquaculture feed, and personal care - where their protein and oleosome products had the most potential. We conducted client discovery sessions, research, and industry focus groups to really understand these audiences, what was important to them, and how Botanceo could help them.

Once we had a clear picture of each audience, we worked to understand what they had in common - what core need did Botaneco and its products fulfil that would resonate with all of them?

Fundamentally, each of these audiences was challenged to meet their core  business requirements while also meeting moral and brand goals such as innovation, sustainability, health, and quality.

We positioned Botaneco as an innovative ingredients manufacturer whose reliable, sustainable plant-based oilseed products could provide new alternatives to their existing ingredient mix that would better meet their needs.


Botaneco Case Study - Oleosomes - Cropped


Results: A Clear, Compelling Brand Foundation

Botaneco’s marketing agency used the brand map to develop key messaging for its brand and each audience to be used across the company’s website, public relations, promotions and product materials.

Armed with their value proposition and key benefits, the executive team could present the Canadian government, investors, and other partners with clear and compelling reasons to invest in Botaneco.

And, Botaneco’s management, sales, and internal teams now had a consistent shared understanding of what Botaneco stands for and how to speak about the company to clients and prospects.

From this foundation, the company has made deals with partners like Sharon Personal Care, engaged with plant based food companies, and launched to high value aquaculture feed companies to include Botaneco oilseed ingredients in their products.

And, in 2023, Protein Industries Canada invested in a project with Corteva, Bunge and Botaneco which aims to increase demand for canola protein for animal feed and human consumption in Canada.