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Marketing Services

As a marketing strategist and fractional chief marketing officer, I align marketing activities to business outcomes.
Below are some of the services I provide to help you make sure your marketing delivers results for your business.
Brand Map

Brand Strategy

The goal of a brand strategy is to make clear what your company’s or product’s value is and how you communicate that value to the marketplace. It starts by understanding who your target audience is, how your company’s products or services meet those needs, and the broader market context in which your company operates in order to develop your brand positioning, personality, and key messages. This informs any other marketing work such as advertising, website, content, social media, and PR as well as other communications like sales, customer service, and internal company messaging to ensure your company’s positioning and value are clearly and consistently communicated at all touchpoints.

Marketing Communications Strategy

Developing a marketing communications strategy begins by understanding your company’s overarching business goals. From there, objectives and measurement targets are developed that outline what your company’s marketing efforts must accomplish to support your business needs, and a strategic approach is crafted that provides a unifying direction for all your company's marketing tactics. This strategic direction then guides individual strategy and planning for each tactic, such as paid advertising, digital communications, PR, events, and other marketing activities.

Marcom Tactics
Audience Persona

Market and Audience Research and Analysis

Research allows us to gain a better understanding of your target audience, your industry, your competition, and the broader market factors that impact your company’s positioning and performance. Depending on your company’s requirements and the resources available, research can include anything from a review of existing information and materials to large-scale original research and analysis. The output of any research includes a final analysis and synthesis of usable insights in the form of a research summary and assets such as audience or competitor profiles that inform business, marketing, and communications strategies and planning.

Marketing Measurement Planning

It’s important to understand how your marketing and communication efforts will be measured and what your targets for success are in order to create strategies that will meet those goals. Marketing measurement planning outlines what your success metrics are, how those metrics will be measured, where the measurement data will come from, and how those metrics will be reported to ensure all necessary setup is implemented and data is being collected to monitor and report on marketing performance. These plans are developed in tandem with marketing tactical planning, in partnership with your marketing execution team, to ensure all tactics are designed to meet strategic objectives and all necessary measurement is in place before marketing initiatives are launched.

Marketing Performance
Marketing Interconnected

Marketing Advising and Consulting

I provide advising and consulting in areas such as marketing operations and process, marketing finance, marketing management and team building, and business strategy and planning. I can also work with your company’s existing agency or marketing service providers to oversee marketing projects and ensure marketing work is developed and executed in line with your company’s strategic objectives. This can take the form of specific projects with a defined scope or ongoing engagements on a retainer basis.

Need help with your marketing strategy?

Whether it’s fine-tuning your positioning in the marketplace, understanding your audience better, aligning your marketing efforts to your business goals, or managing your team for the best results, I can help.


Client Case Studies


COYF Case Study

Flipping the Narrative on COYF’s Target Audience

Canada's Outstanding Young Farmers Program flipped the narrative to increase nominations by understanding their target audience.

Botaneco Feature Image - for Services Page

The Right Ingredients for Botaneco’s Corporate Brand

Botaneco developed a brand identity and positioning strategy to align its internal teams, communicate its value proposition, and gain clients and partnerships.

Sylvester Case Study

Gaining Traction for Cat Care with connected with cat owners to drive downloads, get funding, and help cats get better care.